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About us

Everything You Want to Know

Capital Cure started with an objective of providing all the financial planning and wealth management resources under one roof. We believe in Dedicated Client Service with financial solutions tailored to your Specific needs. We also Believe that there is no substitute of personal advice.

Capital Cure is an independent financial advisory company.

It helps individuals, Corporate, Families, SME’s, Societies and Trusts in a manner that serves individual end goals.We give professional advice on your most pressing financial challenges and also provide implementation guidance. We are Single Source Solution provider and handle all types of investments. We assimilates all investments of our clients to bring about a unified and apply sophisticated strategies to ensure fulfilment of their financial goals, in a manner that is tax friendly and efficient.

Why CapitalCure?


CapitalCure work for people like you, folks who are tired of the deceptive business practices pervasive in the retail mutual fund industry, and who are tired of suffering greater risks, higher fees and lower returns than they should.


We have a very expert team and work purely in a profession way. We are managing more than 1000 major clients.


Whether you're just starting out in your career, already retired, or in between, you deserve access to the best investment management advice available.

Invest with professionals to achieve your financial goals!